Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Khurasan Fed Army and Power Armor

Since I'm in a holding pattern waiting for my new projects to arrive by mail I figured that I might as well get started on what little unpainted figures I have left.

First up is the power armor I'll be using with my Ash Waste Infantry, the models are Khurasan's Federal Power Armor, which at $7.99 for 5 are a bit more than I'm used to paying for 15mm, but well worth the price. The sheer bulk of these models makes them far more imposing than most of the other Power Armor I've seen for 15mm. I've gone ahead and ordered about 15 more of these for use with the various forces I've been building, as I'm absolutely in love with the look of them

Read on for the close ups and more!
Now for the close ups: 

As you can see, these guys are all toting ballistic weapons, save for the one model armed with the flamethrower. Though those are the only weapon selections available from Khurasan I think it's perfect. I imagine that power armor, at least if it's at all rare, would primarily be used for boarding actions and intense CQB, or more generally, up close infantry fighting, and wouldn't make sense to deploy it on an open battlefield where an artillery shell or air support could rip it to shreds.

I'm still trying to figure out the rules for how I want to use these guys in the rules I've been writing. I'm torn between making power armor seem like just another suit, similar to how it's handled in 40k, or making it a different animal altogether. I suppose the only way to truly suss out how I want to use it is going to be try out both rules and see what works best. 

The other thing I've been working on is getting the models I've painted so far based. With that in mind here are my Khurasan Fed Army models from this post, though now they're all based up and ready for action. 

I'm still surprised by how much a difference using something small like Army Painter's tuft products can make on a model. Before I'd always been more a static grass kind of guy, but I'm completely sold on these, they really bring a lot to the table and with single based 15mm's a single pack can go a long way!

Up next on the docket are finishing up some GZG New Israeli's I've been working on, for which I'm using a paint scheme that's somewhat of a departure of my tendency to stick to camo, earth tones, or blacks and whites (spoiler: They're blue), and also painting up and basing a couple of squads of things I've had laying around for a bit...  

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