Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Back from the trip and into the swing of things

I survived my cross country journey and was able to put some work in on making some terrain for the models I've been painting lately. For the first bit of terrain I made, I started with a staple of the 15mm sci-fi wargamer, the electrical box building. Most of the ones I've seen on the internet have looked great, but a bit too new for ash waste/urban infantry, I opted to go with more of a rusted out industrial sector look.

If you want to see the results, the in-process, and some action shots of my ash waste guys on patrol, read on:
Before we get started, as always, safety equipment is important. Pictured: Safety glasses and a t-shirt that I plan to soak and use as a dust mask.

Me vs. 13 Electrical Boxes, yes my pretties, you'll be buildings by the end of the day...

The tools you'll need to complete the project; a hammer, a screwdriver, hacksaw, and rotary tool
First I started by removing the hardware and then using the hacksaw and rotary tool to remove the flanges from the electrical boxes. Note the dust leftover from grinding, better not to get in your eyes or lungs, thus the safety equipment.

The first building after getting primed and test fitted, a little sanding needed and these will be ready to go. For the bitz I used both Micropanzer's resin bits and a few bay doors and vents from Ground Zero Games

Undercoated gray.

I've painted all the "bitz" a metallic color and then sprayed these with a light dusting of two shades of reddish brown followed up with a distant spray of dark gray and then a coat of light gray.

After being inked, the finished project is drying on my kitchen table

A close up

On patrol

The patrol secures a small courtyard

Two security drones explore the abandoned sector

Both power armored members of the patrol examine a signal they've picked up


  1. I tried using electrical boxes as well, but found that they REALLY didn't want to keep paint on them... but I'm looking forward to seeing where you go with yours!

    1. No kidding! I think the only way I managed to get the paint to stick on them was to score the surface and spray on two coats of hardware store primer that specified "EVEN BONDS TO PLASTIC" as the selling point. Finally took, though a few more coats of undercoat probably didn't hurt ;)

    2. Interesting, I painted mine with all types of rustoleum primer with no problems what so ever...

    3. Did you wash them first Mr. Harold? I had to coat mine quite a few times to get them to stay, I think I doubled their weight with all of the paint I put on them ;).

  2. These are brilliant Mike. I shall have to try a few of these myself!

    1. Thanks! I'm really happy with the way they turned out. I'd definitely recommend Micropanzer and Ground Zero Games for bitz to outfit them with.

    2. Okay, thanks for the heads up!