Sunday, April 13, 2014

Just to clear a few things up, and out...

Wow, it's been awhile! Sorry for the long hiatus but as I'm sure we all know, life gets in the way... That being said I do have some good news, A) I'm not dead and B) it's time for some Spring Cleaning which means everybody gets to snatch up some of my lesser used minis/terrain! This cuts this year are especially deep as I'm moving in with my girlfriend in a matter of weeks (editor's (girlfriend's) note: FINALLY!) and I need to get rid of some things as I will no longer have a dedicated gaming room. No need to worry about me "getting out" of the hobby, as the pile of lead I've been working on can attest, I'm still in it until the end, I just need to make some space! Most of these are going up on ebay, but if you're interested go ahead and send me an offer through email if you'd prefer to deal direct. If there's no bid I'm more than happy to pull it and work directly with a reader!


Item #1:

Chain link feces with razor wire

14 Section of chain link fence topped with razorwire. All told, these fences are almost 60" long!
Ebay link here

Item #2: 

You know 'em, you love 'em, Ebox buildings are a staple of the 15mm sci-fi community and I'm definitely a fan as well. I've broken mine up into three different lots:

Lot 1:

Link Here

Lot 2: 

Link Here

And, Lot 3: 

Link Here

I managed to pick up TONS of resin cast crates at a local wargaming swap meet a year or two ago, and they call need to go, make me an offer for a piece of them, or for all of them. There are a LOT of these things!

Item #3:

Item #4:

My "ashy" army. My 15mm Sci-fi gaming is moving in a much more skirmish based direction which means that I'll be using much smaller forces and won't be needing these guys. Maybe you have need of some sudden reinforcements in your urban or ash waste setting...

Army consists of:

5x Khurasan Power Armored Soldiers
1x Khurasan Red Faction Power Armor
3x Combat Wombat 8x8's with Magnetized turrets
2x Combat Wombat 6x6's with Magnetized turrets
52 x Ground Zero Games UNSC New sculpts containing enough rifleman, command stands, and support weapons to give you a well rounded force!

If you haven't seen my ashies, they can be seen here, and the 6x6's and 8x8's can be seen here,  

Item #5:

4x Khurasan Iguanas, and 3x Khurasan Polecats. Again, the move away to skirmish is making me drastically reduce my motor pool. They're all painted and can be seen here

Item #6:

My Khurasan Federal Army, well, army. Roughly a platoon's worth of guys (45 figures) with command and support weapons well represented. For an idea of what the paint job on these guys looks like, check them out here.

Item #7:

Miscellaneous: I have a few more armies that I'm looking to move but I'll wait and see if I get any nibbles from the community for these first.

Thanks for looking, and remember, no deal is too crazy to be entertained during the spring cleaning sale!

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  1. What would you ask for all the crates?

    If you would rather, feel free to email me at emu2020-at-comcast-dot-net