Thursday, May 9, 2013

Combat Wombat 6x6's and 8x8's

It's been a bit since I got around to painting anything as I ran out of all of my painting accessories (blue-tac, magnets, primer, etc...) simultaneously and have just lately gotten around to gathering them all up again. Now I'm back into the swing of things and I figured the best way to get back to putting some paint on models was with these delightful 6x6's and 8x8's from Combat Wombat Miniatures. Here's a finished picture of the models, follow after the jump for some step by step and infantry size comparison...

First of all, maybe an introduction to Combat Wombat is in order. It's a one-man shop ran by former U.S. Army officer Scott Wadyko that specializes in making resin AFV's and terrain for the gamer on a budget. They carry a variety of styles of vehicles, from more traditional looking tracked near future armor to sophisticated recce grav tanks. No matter what you're looking for, if it's got some thick armored plating Scott probably makes it! I'm participating in Reddit's monthly painting challenge and these guys are the first step into knocking out the fifteen vehicles I pledged I would do.

I picked up these six wheeled vehicles for my ashies. I felt that the overgunned theme seemed perfect in keeping with the somewhat "glass cannon" feel I wanted for the army. I pictured them as a sci-fi version of WW II U.S. Army Tank destroyers, carrying a heavy gun on a comparatively lightly armored chassis. The "fluff" I'm continuing to develop for my ashies paints them as being the "legitimate" security arm of a local underworld syndicate, and having somewhat of a militia feel to them, so vehicles that are light on armor and big on guns seemed like a natural extension for a power that can't afford proper main battle tanks.

As they're resin magnetizing them was a breeze, I only made one mistake of gluing differently oriented magnets so I'd consider that experiment a success ;).

An added benefit to magnetizing is that I can pop the turrets off and these guys could pull double duty as weaponless battle taxis. 

And a size comparison to the infantry that they'll be supporting. They'll certainly be unable to tote a full squad of power armored guys but as light transports I feel that these vehicles do a great job!

And finally some unit cards for Gruntz. I'll actually be using these guys in a game later today so I'll be sure to send out a proper AAR for the new additions to the shelf!


  1. These are nice vehicles Mike. I had my first small order from Scott about a month ago, and was pleased with them. Well worth support from the hobby!

    1. Thanks GR! I really CW's stuff, and definitely can say he's well worth the support from the hobby, great vehicles at an unbeatable price point :).